Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PC DOC PRO- Fix Windows Explorer Error

PC DOC PRO Solution to Fix Windows Explorer Error-

The next thing you do not want to face at your office early in the morning or at home is a slow Windows Explorer. Especially when you have tons of work to do and you cannot start with everything because of the slow Windows Explorer problem.
But what causes a slow Windows Explorer? An application server or domain controller was probably moved out of the network or there are settings on your file server that was moved to a new IP address. It also
depends on different things like virus or spyware. It is possible that your Windows have errors or you installed new programs that causes it to be slow. You can know the real problem with your CPU by using the task Manager. Then run an anti-spy tool. If it is not necessary, do not reformat or it will just make your problem worse.
A different way to fix a slow Windows explorer is by right clicking on the start menu and then opening maybe five to ten 'explore all users'. You must do it rapidly, one after the other. This method will secure the problem for about five minutes. But then, it will begin the problem again.Another good idea is to disconnect from the network. If your taskbar has a shortcut to a network item, delete the taskbar shortcut. It will fix the problem.
If these methods do not fix your slow Windows Explorer, you can try these:
1-Open a command prompt then use the netstat -an command. You will see the list of machines you have connections to.
2-Then go to Explorer and open a file.
3-Run netstat -an again while waiting for the file to open and look for new entries.
4-The IP address that is on the left is the local machine's address while the IP address on the right is the machine, which it is trying to connect to. You must copy this IP address without the port number and then search for it with regedit.
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