Saturday, May 23, 2009

PC DOC PRO-Boost your Computer Speed

PC DOC PRO-Boost Your Computer Speed

PC DOC PRO is the Best Solution to speed your computer speed.

Can Registry Cleaners Speed Up My PC?

Many PC users routinely use a program which cleans up their registry and few even know what the function of the registry is. It is obvious that a cleaner does some sort of housekeeping duties on the computer, but just what exactly is your registry?
The registry was installed by Microsoft as a storage base when they first marketed Windows with the 3.11. For Windows to load to function it must first load the Operating System which is now either Vista or Windows XP. Once the operating system is loaded it needs to load all the files and the drivers that your computer needs for the programs you have installed to function.

These files are stored in the registry which is a catalog of the files needed for your current programs. This registry is actually changed every time you download or remove a program; add a browser or another piece of software to your computer. Equally when you remove a piece of software or a program it removes the files stored in the registry.However software installation is not just a series of files some of those are shared files because they are used for more than one program, which means that when a program is uninstalled it is rarely a clean uninstall. Often messy files are left behind and your daily use of a PC dumps redundant files in the registry.

Why Should I Use a Registry Cleaner?
A registry can be cleaned manually but there is a large element of risk if you do not know what you are doing because once a file is deleted some programs may not work properly, or they may not load at all. All in all it can be a minefield to clean the registry manually and for a novice there is a very good chance that you will have to pay for a professional repair because there is no going back with the job, there is absolutely no leeway for chance.Yet all these redundant files can really slow your PC as it trawls through a lot of dead files. However there is a solution, PC Doc Pro, an eponymous program which will remove the dead files safely and makes a back up of all the registry files, so that nothing is ever ‘accidentally' lost. PC Doc Pro is purpose built for the job of scanning files and alerting you to the ones that can safely be deleted.

The Result: A Faster P C

Why leave your PC running slow when you can get the most out of it easily and safely. A clean registry will be immediately noticeable your computer will work faster instantly. A regular clean of the registry with PC DOC PRO will ensure a safe PC working and functioning at its best to make your life easier.

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