Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PC DOC PRO-Registry Repair Is Your PC Suffering From Lag

Are You Battling the PC Registry Blues?

Is it now par for the course for you to sit and twiddle your thumbs for several minutes waiting for your PC to perform tasks to take a matter of seconds? Are your sessions on the computer constantly interrupted by Windows error messages? If so, the chances are good that you're experiencing the results of having a Windows registry overloaded with junk files.

It's inevitable that your PC's registry will become a repository for lots of on necessary data the more it is used. With each installation or removal of a hardware device or software application, data files will be left on your registry, and your Windows operating system will have the time-consuming task of searching through that useless data in order to find the registry files it really needs to perform its job.

If you have computer skills, and are running any Windows operating system from Windows 95 to Windows Vista, you can affect repairs to your registry manually. If, however, you take on this job without proper technical skills, you'll face an enormous challenge because only the wrong files could render your PC useless. Simply mis-keying a single entry in a single file path will know the trick. Attempting to discover and remove all the garbage files from your system registry without disaster is tremendously risky.

You can almost guarantee yourself far more successful outcome simply by using a good registry cleaner. A registry cleaner is a software tool which scans your Windows registry for those junk entries, and removes them without endangering your PC anyway. One of the best and most user-friendly of all registry cleaners is PC Doctor Pro.

Its simplicity of use is precisely what makes PC Doctor Pro the ideal solution for your Windows registry woes. After installing it on your PC, simply choose the options you want it to perform, and it will automatically complete the tasks you assign it. You'll be astounded when you read the log of errors which PC Doctor Pro finds in your Windows registry the first time you use it. You can either remove the files of your choosing manually, or allow the software to delete them.

Schedule PC Doctor Pro to perform regular registry scans and cleanups automatically, so that you keep your Windows operating system running at its peak. Your registry is constantly picking up unnecessary entries like missing file associations and invalid paths, and a weekly registry scan and cleaning is advisable.

PC Doctor Pro can further optimize your PC's performance by managing the number of programs which launch each time. Each program running on your computer takes up a percentage of its resources and memory, and the more of them there are, the more slowly your PC will run. You can use PC Doctor Pro to determine which programs launch at boot up by clicking on PC Doctor Pro's "Manage Startup" icon. Finally, your PC Doctor Pro registry cleaner will updated automatically.

There is no reason at all why you should spend another minute waiting for your PC to perform the way it did when you first brought it home from the store. And thanks to PC Doctor Pro, you no longer have to!

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