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PC DOC PRO- Registry Cleaner Software

PC Doc Pro – Especially Designed For Your Registry - product white paper -

PC Doc Pro is a piece of software that helps you with all the problems that your registry causes to your computer. It works by identifying those registry items that are no longer valid and you have the whole power to get rid of the registry entries that you no longer need. If you want to try this product and restore the health of your computer, you can go to www.pcdocpro.com and download the product for a free of charge check-up.What you will find in this white paper-

In this document, you will be able to find all the information and suggestions needed in order to use PC Doc Pro at maximum capacity. This is just general information about the product, but you can learn more from the help file that you will find when you download the software. You can search there further instructions.

• The white paper is intended to familiarize you with the problems your registry may have and the way in which PC Doc Pro can solve the issues related to cleaning your registry entries that are no longer wanted.Check the document for these topics:
• General information on the registry

• Special issues related to the registry

• The importance of backup

• The restore capabilities of the program

• Other options for PC Doc Pro:

• Handling startup entries

• Choosing your own times for scans

• Total restoration of your computer performance

General Information On The Registry-

The registry on your computer is a part of Windows without which you would not be able to run the operating system at all. According to the version of Windows that is installed on your computer, the registry is placed in your computer memory in different files, that also occupy different locations.The registry records the relationship between hardware, memory space, and addressing. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, software, users,and preferences of the computer. Whenever you make a change to the Control Panel settings, file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in the registry. The operating system continually references this information during its operation.

The registry importance is due to the fact that it complies to the necessity of transferring information from hardware to memory and the other way around, along with keeping valuable information on how these transfers are addressed. Besides, it is also responsible for keeping all the settings for components, for programs, for users and other preferences on your machine. This means that the registry will always know when you make any changes in Control Panel, or when you install new programs, or when you move files and change their associations. All this information is stored by the registry.

Special Issues Related To The Registry-

The role of the registry is very important. It keeps the computer configuration separated from the user's configuration, and group policies can be set up so the system operators can change them at any given time. Also, you can access the registry of a machine in a network of computers and you can make a backup for it for further needs.

No matter how good this component of Windows is, it has its fair share of problems. Its weak point is its centralized nature. As it keeps sensitive information on all that happens on a computer, it means that, when a modification takes place in the registry, your entire information on the machine can get damaged. You can even reach the point of not being able to get your machine started, besides having to deal with a noticeable decrease in performance. The worst it can get consists in losing important data on your computer, and it can impose that Windows be installed again, with no possibility of repairing the damage.

At first, when Windows gets installed for the first time on your machine, the registry is clean. But, any time you install something new on your computer, the registry will retain software entries. As some programs are not so well designed, they can leave unwanted entries in the registry, even after you erased them from the computer. This happens with programs that do not have proper uninstall features. As a consequence, the registry gets fatter with non useful information.

When the registry becomes very large, computer performance can decrease and cause it to be unstable. Some computer users spend a lot of time and effort going through the registry and editing it manually. Not only can this be a daunting task, it is also a risky one.The size of the registry affects the general performance of your computer. You will know that your machine is in trouble when you will notice it run with difficulty, long waits for opening programs and so on. Some users, that know a little about registry issues, try to edit it manually, but this operation is far from recommendable, as it can damage your needed registry files and your machine for good.

• Be careful! By modifying your registry files, you can hurt valuable information on your computer. We strongly suggest to choose the right software and let it take care of cleaning the registry for you.An overused registry will be filled to the top with errors and invalid entries. When you want to clean it up, you will need to make a backup for it, in order to avoid losing precious data in the process. A backup will help you get the system as it was, but this is not an easy task, and mending the lost pieces together requires a lot of care, knowledge and patience.PC Doc Pro can help you acquire the desired security when dealing with your registry. It will help you backup your system and then restore it when needed. With PC Doc Pro, you can be sure that only the registry entries that are no longer valid are removed from your machine, and not valuable information that needs to be store there. Proceed to find more about the importance of backup.

The Importance Of Backup

In order to make a backup for your registry, you will have to read carefully the system instructions on the matter. This recommendation is valid for the following versions of Windows: Windows 2000, Windows 98 SE and Windows ME. You can read further below on how to make a backup for registry files with PC Doc Pro. For Windows Vista and Windows XP, PC Doc Pro offers another methods to get your computer back to its performance level.

For Windows Vista and Windows XP

These two versions of Windows present system restore capabilities that were not available up to them. This means that it is in your powers to get the system back the way it was, while making backup for system files and registry items, in the same time. With PC Doc Pro, this process is made easier. You will just have to check the option for making a backup file, whenever you initiate a repairing registry session, and you will no longer have to worry about losing valuable pieces of data.

Backup capabilities-

PC Doc Pro handles the information stored in your registry files, by making a backup when you run the program in order to remove registry entries that you no longer want on your machine. When you want to test to computer and see the results, you can always make use of the backup made by PC Doc Pro to put back information that you changed your mind about removing. You can also get one or more registry items reinstated, with the options this software has for you.

• Note: We recommend to make backups from time to time to ensure the best capabilities of the program, as a complete backup is less efficient than having more backups done over time.

• It is important to check the entries that you want to remove for validity. You may get a long list of entries that are considered to be invalid, but extra caution is advisable.

How to remove the error causing entries-

When an error is identified, it will be checked for removal. On the list displayed on your screen, you can see where each file is located and then modify them, or send them in the list for ignore items, or just simply get rid of them.

The list for ignored items There are several things you can do with the entries identified on scanning the registry. If you do not want PC Doc Pro to remove these entries, but you don't want to stumble upon them on future scans, you will need to move them to the ignored items list. They will be kept there, along with the file location they are allotted inside the registry.From that list, you can also manage the items as you see fit. PC Doc Pro offers you the possibility to remove any entry from the list of ignored items, and place it on scan, along with the others, any time you want.Other Options For PC Doc Pro Handling startup items With PC Doc Pro, you can handle your startup items, by choosing only the ones that you want to get launched when you start your machine. If you have ever used Windows System Configuration option, then you will know how to use this tool. By handling startup programs, your computer will be able to start faster and run smoother.

• When you decide to remove a program from startup, make a test, by rebooting your machine, to see if it does not affect other programs, as well.

When you use this facility offered by PC Doc Pro, you will no longer have that long list of items in start up and they will no longer launch when you turn on your machine.

• If you decide for removal of a program from startup, this decision is for good, so we suggest to balance whether you want it removed or not from your startup.Choosing Your Own Times For Scans PC Doc Pro provides you the possibility to run scans whenever that fits you best. The scanning process can be scheduled to be automatic, so you can get rid of unwanted registry errors on a regular basis. The removal process can also be automated, so, if you want to let the program do the job for you, it is possible with this PC Doc Pro option.Total Restoration Of Your Computer Performance Cleaning up your registry files is not a job for the unadvised. But, with PC Doc Pro, the process of scanning your registry files, making a backup for safety reasons, and restoring the system as it was, all these are made possible with just a few clicks. This registry curing tool can offer you total restoration of your computer performance, and, with its option for scheduling scans whenever you want, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your computer, while PC Doc Pro takes care of all your registry problems.PC Doc Pro is a piece of software that helps you with all the problems that your registry causes to your computer.


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