Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PC DOC PRO-How to Fix Outlook Express

The Best Outlook Express Repair Methods-

While the Outlook Express e-mail program which is incorporated in all versions of Microsoft Windows OS is known to have its share of bugs, those bugs scan usually be repaired fairly easily. This article will provide you with the basic information you need to keep your Outlook Express functioning properly.PC Doc Pro is very good in job of tackling the glitches in Outlook Express. PC Doc Pro finds and fixes other errors in our Windows registry.PC Doc Pro is very good in job of tackling the glitches in Outlook Express. PC Doc Pro finds and fixes other errors in our Windows registry.

Six Outlook Express Repair Techniques

1- One simple and quick way to fix Outlook Express problems is simply to reboot your computer. A reboot is often all it takes to handle a wide number of Microsoft issues, and the estimates are that it will succeed with 60% of Outlook Express difficulties.

2-If rebooting your computer didn't take care of your Outlook Express problems, it might be time to compact your Outlook Express folders and to repair your Outlook Express DBX file. Your DBX file is an index file which holds all your Outlook express folders and messages. Should it become corrupt, you can quickly repair it by compacting the folders it contains.

3- Compact your DBX file folders by going into Outlook Express, and clicking on your "File" menu. Then select "Folder," and "Compact All Folders." You may have to wait a few minutes for all the files in your mailbox to be compacted if you have stored a large number of them. When you receive the message that your files have been compacted, shut and restart Outlook Express to see if the problem has been taking care of.

4- Set up a new account. If you having any success with the above remedies, you can simply set up a new Outlook express and import all the files from your existing one to it.

5- Repair your Outlook Express Windows registry entries. If your Outlook Express registry entry is either missing or damaged, your entire program may fail. Open your Start Menu, and click on “Run.” When the command box appears, type “msimn/reg,” and click “OK.” Even though your Outlook Express registry entry will be replaced or repaired, you won't have any indication that it's happening.

6- If nothing else has worked, it's time to reinstall Outlook Express. To learn how to do that properly, you'll have to go to the Microsoft support site at:http://support.microsoft.com/

The Easiest Outlook Express Fix The simplest way, from your perspective, to repair your Outlook Express is to download an effective third party repair tool. Our particular favorite is the registry cleaning tool PC Doc Pro, which did a remarkable job of tackling the glitches we were experiencing in Outlook Express. PC Doc Pro, however, did even more by finding and fixing other errors in our Windows registry, so that our PC's overall performance improved dramatically as well. If you want to download PC Doc Pro, you can do so here.

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